Tiny Stitches Saturday Sampler Program

Join us on the first or third Saturday morning to learn about what's happening in the shop and to participate in our current quilt projects.  (Scroll down for Program Rules)

Here's just a few of the beautiful quilts that have been featured over the last few years.

Please scroll down to review our program rules.

Saturday Sampler Program Rules

Tiny Stitches Saturday Sampler Rules – February 2021
As we begin our newest in store 12-month Saturday Sampler program, it is time to again review the rules.

This is how it works....
We offer new programs two (2) times a year. One starts in February and one in July.  When a new program is introduced, you are given the opportunity to sign up for the new program for $13. This entitles you to the pattern and necessary fabric to make the block. Photos of the completed blocks are posted on our website each month and you also are welcome to take your own photos of the blocks.

Customers may only receive one free block kit per program, per month.  If available, may only do 1 additional colorway per program for $13 per month. 

You will then go home and make the block(s) and return on either the first or third Saturday of the next month and each month thereafter for the 12-month period to pick up your next block(s).

We offer four sessions on each of these two Saturdays that start promptly at 8 am, 9 am, 10 am and 11 am.
*Please be on time as the doors will be closed at the start of each session.
*Please silence your phone.

You will hear about what is going on in the shop, along with hints about the current block(s), if necessary.

We really enjoy seeing your work so please bring Show and Tell to share. 

You will  present your completed block(s)  at the block handout table and receive your next block kit(s) at no charge. If you were unable to complete the block(s) during a particular month, you can purchase that month’s block(s) for $13 each.

Please do not bring blocks for other quilters who cannot attend – you must be present to receive your free block(s).

If you are unable to pick up your block(s) during the first or third Saturday morning, you can pick up that month’s block(s) any time after noon of the third Saturday for $13 each, while supplies last.

We do not mail block kit(s).

If you experience a mis-cut with a piece of fabric, ‘OOPS’ pieces can be purchased in store – we do not mail.

At the end of the program, we will offer patterns and finishing kits for purchase to finish the featured quilt(s) our way. If you prefer to finish your quilt another way, we will do our best to supply you with the fabric(s) you request, after all standard finishing kit orders are completed.

We are so pleased that you have decided to participate in our Tiny Stitches Saturday Sampler. We value your participation and ask that you follow the rules listed above to make this a good experience for everyone.  Revised Feb. 2022